The Boy Likes All. The. Words.

Hubby usually drives the kids to school in the morning. You’d think that in the months the start of the school year the kids would have gotten the routine down pat.

You’d be wrong.

One day this week I wanted the car for the day, which meant driving the kids to school. Before we could even leave the driveway they were having an epic fistfight.

Over backpack placement.

The Girl had placed her backpack in the prime spot on the floor in the middle, leaving the Boy no choice but to put his in his lap, or between them on the back seat. Of course it would be totally unfair for him to have to hold his backpack in his lap while the Girl got the prime spot. He put his backpack on the seat between them, his backpack touched her arm, she pushed it away from her, and it was WWIII from there.

I was sorely tempted to throw them and their backpacks out of the car and drive off without them. Instead, I revoked their television privileges for the weekend.

Oh yes I did.

What was I thinking??

Revoking TV privileges is the very definition of “punishment that hurts me more than it hurts you”. When Hubby found out that they would be screen-free all weekend he asked me if I had lost my mind. We really enjoy our quiet mornings drinking coffee and surfing the net while the kids are zonked out in front of the tube.

The hardest part of no screen time is that while Hubby, the Girl and I are introverts who can go hours without speaking, the Boy is on his way to becoming a full-fledged extrovert who thinks out loud. He can’t go three seconds without talking. He likes All. The. Words. He’ll talk to anyone within earshot, all the time. When he’s asked to go play in his room (losing screen time does NOT mean that mommy and daddy will entertain you) he will talk to his Lego, to his stuffed animals, to his toys, to his bed…anything to fill the silence.

He even talks in his sleep.

It’s exhausting.

Cute, but exhausting.





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