Eat the Damn Banana

Bananas are cheap; good for you; easy to grab and throw into your lunch in the morning; available year-round; really good when they hit Peak Ripeness (whatever that means for you – everyone has a different banana Peak Ripeness point); totally gross if you try to eat them even one minute on either side of Peak Ripeness.

I often pack a banana for lunch. I try to choose a banana that hasn’t quite reached Peak Ripeness to make sure it doesn’t hit it between the time I pack it in the morning and the time I go to eat it in the afternoon. (Seriously, one minute on either side and – ewww.)

I place the banana on top of my filing cabinet, in full view whenever I’m coming in or out of my cubicle so that I don’t forget it’s there.I don’t place it on my work surface because then the banana would be in my way.

When I get hungry, I reach for a granola bar, or cookies, or I go buy a chocolate bar. I see that banana, and I know it’s at Peak Ripeness, but…granola bar! Cookies! Chocolate!

The banana sits on the filing cabinet. It has reached Peak Ripeness. I look away and try to ignore my guilt.

The next day I swear to myself that I will eat the banana. But the banana is past Peak Ripeness and I know it. I won’t reward my bad behaviour with cookies or chocolate – I have a granola bar instead.

The day after that, the banana is waaay past Peak Ripeness. I just can’t do it. I know I won’t eat the banana. But. It’s still at someone’s peak ripeness. I can’t throw it out.

I eat another granola bar and try not to look at the banana.

A few more granola bars later, the banana is more black than yellow. I can’t bring it home to make banana bread – not that I’ve ever made banana bread, but even if I did – because it’s too squishy and won’t hold up in my tote on the way home.

So I throw out the banana.

And I feel guilty.

I pledge to never put another banana in my lunch again.

But I do.

Tomorrow I will eat the damn banana.






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