Secret Sexy Time

Hubby and I play a game we call “secret sexy time”. It’s just what it sounds like (I guess? Or maybe not.) The game involves squeezing in some sexy time without alerting the children to the fact that something’s going on.

When they were younger we would just wait until they were asleep. Now that the Girl is ten, however, it’s harder and harder to do since she doesn’t go to bed as early as she used to, and she doesn’t always fall asleep right away. It got harder and harder to stay awake later than she did. (What can I say – we’re not in our twenties (or even our thirties!) anymore.)

So then we got into the habit of locking the bedroom door and having our fun in the mornings while the kids were in the basement watching TV. This worked well for a while, until they discovered that it was possible to watch Netflix on the laptop. The Girl took to laying all cozy in her bed with the laptop and due to the proximity of her bedroom to ours, morning sexy time became a thing of the past.

At some point, we’ll be able to give them each some money and send them off to the movies so that we can have the house to ourselves for the evening. That is, if secret sexy time is still one of our goals by then.

In the meantime, evenings are out, mornings are out…. we’re in a bit of a bind.

Like everything else when you have kids, just as you figure out how to win the game they go and change all the rules.


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