I Just Need Some Space

Our Victorian house is over 100 years old. It’s quite lovely – all 1000 square feet of it.  If our house was just 5′ wider and 5′ longer I think it would be perfect. (Except for the centipedes, but that’s another story). We don’t have or want a lot of stuff or tons of furniture, but because all the rooms are so small the necessities fill them up. I’d love it if there was just a bit more empty space everywhere.

Most days I like my job. I’m very driven and I work hard. I find it impossible to turn off my brain even when I’m out of the office. When I do take a vacation and step away, I discover this need to write. When I’m in work mode I can go months without writing. Then I get some time off, and suddenly there’s space in my brain, and all these story ideas bubble up out of nowhere. If I didn’t work I would probably be a very prolific though not necessarily talented writer. I’d also be in great shape. (Maybe.)

When I started this blog I decided to stay anonymous. I think it’s the only way for me to feel that I can lay it all out there, good and bad. I’m cynical and jaded and it tends to come out in my writing; I’m tired of policing my thoughts when I write. Especially when I write about the kids. When you have a blog and you have kids, and you occasionally blog about the darker side of having kids, there’s always a worry that your family and friends will judge you.  I just want the space to write without censoring myself.

And finally, I can complain all I want about my in-laws!



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