I Hate This F*ing Computer

My laptop for the past six years has been a refurbished ThinkPad. It finally gave up the ghost last month. I’ve been trying to get by using Hubby’s 17″ Acer Aspire. The problem with this monster (seriously, if you need a 17″ screen, get a monitor, not a laptop!) is twofold:

1) The keyboard keys are spaced out in a way that works really well for people with huge sausage fingers but which doesn’t work at all for me. (I don’t have huge sausage fingers.)

2) The bloody trackpad is so incredibly sensitive that you can’t type two words without causing the cursor to jump around all over the place.

This has caused me no end of grief and it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to type anything, ever. Not even blog posts. Today, I’d had it. I told Hubby that I was going to buy myself a laptop. Then I had a little meltdown when I looked at how much they cost. As a minimalist, it really irks me to have to buy another laptop when one is more than enough for the few hours a week that we each use it (have I mentioned that we also each have an ipad?)

Hubby finds the super sensitive trackpad annoying as well, so we’ve both googled how to disable it a million times with no success. Then today, as I’m bemoaning the cost of laptops and trying to decide if I can live with this sucker for a bit longer, Hubby says, “There’s a function button that can disable the trackpad.” What???? We’ve had this thing for years and now you tell me?

Turns out he was complaining about the trackpad to a friend of his who has the same laptop. Sure enough, Ctrl+F7 and the bloody thing is disabled. Total Google fail.







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